Urvashi Gupta

Urvashi (/oor-ve-shee/) is a user experience designer based in Seattle, WA.

She loves to solve difficult problems for the user.

She is currently a UX Designer at Amazon Web Services, working on the Training and Certification platform.



Mentor Net

Google Design Challenge / 2019

Developing mentoring connections between working professionals organically, so they can help eachother grow in their respective careers.

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Training and Certification

AWS / 2018-Present

Helping IT professionals and organizations around the globe become experts on Amazon web services.

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Mobile Work Manager

AgileAssets / 2015-2016

Empowering crew leaders to manage infrastructure assets related operational work orders, faster and smarter.

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Design Reflection Tool

Indiana University,
Think Brownstone / 2015

Redesign of the Basecamp project management platform for designers, enabling them to reflect on their design process efficiently.

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Tactile Debit Wallet

Finalist, 1/6 teams,

Bringing tangibile feedback of traditional physical money, back into your wallet, so you can track your budget real-time.

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UX Design

Affinity Diagrams / Story Boards / Personas / Scenarios / User journey maps

UX Research

Interviews / Surveys / Ethnography / Contextual Inquiry / Card Sorting / Wizard of Oz


Sketch / InVision / Axure / Balsamiq / Adobe Illustrator / Omnigraffle

User testing

Usability tests / Contextual Inquiry / Focus Groups / Surveys / A/B test / Wizard of Oz


HTML / CSS / SASS / Javascript / Github / InVision / Axure

Project Management

Agile Process / Scrums / User Stories / Acceptance Criteria / Jira

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