Urvashi Gupta

Urvashi (/oor-ve-shee/) is a user experience designer based in Seattle, WA.

She loves to solve difficult problems for the user.

She is currently a UX Designer at Amazon Web Services, working on the Training and Certification platform.



Mentor Net

Google Design Challenge

Developing mentoring connections between working professionals organically, so they can help eachother grow in their respective careers.

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Training and Certification

AWS / 2018-Present

Helping IT professionals and organizations around the globe become experts on Amazon web services.

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Mobile Work Manager

AgileAssets / 2015-2016

Empowering crew leaders to manage infrastructure assets related operational work orders, faster and smarter.

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Design Reflection Tool

Indiana University,
Think Brownstone / 2015

Redesign of the Basecamp project management platform for designers, enabling them to reflect on their design process efficiently.

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Tactile Debit Wallet

Finalist, 1/6 teams,

Bringing tangibile feedback of traditional physical money, back into your wallet, so you can track your budget real-time.

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UX Design

Affinity Diagrams / Story Boards / Personas / Scenarios / User journey maps

UX Research

Interviews / Surveys / Ethnography / Contextual Inquiry / Card Sorting / Wizard of Oz


Sketch / InVision / Axure / Balsamiq / Adobe Illustrator / Omnigraffle

User testing

Usability tests / Contextual Inquiry / Focus Groups / Surveys / A/B test / Wizard of Oz


HTML / CSS / SASS / Javascript / Github / InVision / Axure

Project Management

Agile Process / Scrums / User Stories / Acceptance Criteria / Jira

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